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Here are a random selection of photo's that show my jig.

You can see that it is constructed from differing sizes of angle iron but the top plates and V blocks are identical. It does require a small amount of welding to create the V block, I could find no other way to do this.

The V block that goes under the drill press has a small hole drilled in it at exactly the middle of the V. This is used to align the V block under the drill when setting it up to ensure it is all centred.

Underside of the V block, the two empty holes in the angle iron are where two nuts should be welded (on the outside) to allow for two grub screws to be tightened to keep the V block in place.  Mine was such a neat fit that it requires a hammer to move it, so I have not needed to finish that part of the block.


The boom clamp V block is essentially the same as the first but it has two long bolts added to allow a clamp to be tightened over the boom, these were high tensile bolts from the shelves at my local Mitre 10, as they offered bolts that were long and had thread over there whole length.

The top clamp is made from the same material as the V in the V block.  I used a hacksaw to cut out the notch in the cross piece and had a friend weld it in place


The underneath view of the sliding clamp shows the simple construction, using bolts instead of welds, which made it achievable for me in my limited home workshop.

above the slider

Top view of the sliding clamp, showing the top boom clamp that is secured by two wing nuts. This top clamp needs to be only tightened to where the boom can not be rotate when being worked on, do not use excessive force.