Operation around the local area (Barossa Valley) PF95

VHF Field day 2005 (Jan 15&16)

As luck would have it the propagation was lousy. A major flare and weather fronts conspired to suppress any radio activity.

The portable masts were cobbled together on the day!

The January VHF field day gave me an excuse to go up to Polners trig and see what could be worked.
Well here it is, my first attempt at a portable 23 cm station.
The loop yagi is a vk5zo special, thanks Des.
The box hanging from the yagi is one of the older NON tune 23cm transverter's from Mark vk5eme, with 3 watt PA. IF is 144 MHz


2mx FM is courtesy of the FM92 mounted in the brumby.

Next outing will require some better planning. Need to find a dual band collinear for FM contacts on 2 & 70. As well as a compact rig for 6mx to capture those contacts.

Raided the shack to liberate the IC-475H. FT290R doubles as 2mx sideband and IF for 23cm transverter. Small THP brand PA gives about 30 watts on 2mx to give the FT290 a voice and a pre-amp.
Looking towards home from Polner's Trig. 
Now the trick is the house you see is not ours we are BEHIND that house and down the hill a bit! 
This is pretty much looking south from the Trig point.
Now here's where it gets tricky. You can just see the base of my tower next to the power pole in the middle of the picture (feint pink arrow)
This is a blow up of the picture above. you can see the bottom section of the tower in the background and the neighbours sheds in the foreground.