Tower Project, 2007 - 2008 progress

Activity has slowed down, we have been away on a 3 month break touring around Western Australia in caravans with family and friends

Okay, who did not secure the dacron ropes to the boom? Oh yes that would have been me :-(
So now I have to go and fish for each of the dacron ropes for the boom sling using a length of electrical conduit with a hook taped to the end.


Well it did not take long for the birds to settle in.


Top antenna is 32 element K1FO design for 432 -- Middle is 18 element DJ9BV design for 144 -- Bottom is a 9 element M2 design for 50.


The old and the new, showing the yagi's I started with at the bottom shed along with the new stack on the tower.
The top of the old antennas are about the same height as the base of the tower, so there is a big jump in height
Disaster struck in late 2007, a storm managed to fracture the boom on the 18 element 144 MHz yagi.
I have since removed the bits and installed a "temporary" 12 element NBS style yagi.
Now I realise how good the DJ9BV was, so it's time to build a new STRONGER version