Tower Project, 2006 progress

Here where it gets interesting, the tower is up and I am adding yagi's to the beast: Dec 2005 - June 2006

I had the chance to hire a ditch witch and went wild doing trenches for cables and earthing for the tower... see you on 160 metres during winter!
Now we have some trenches and under ground pipes,
its time to put something in them. LDF5-50 any one
Thanks to the HIBIS scheme, I was able to get a satellite feed for my internet, its 256/64 but has lots of LAG. Here is the folded dipole on the 32 element K1FO based yagi for 70cm
Next step was to put the K1FO up the tower. At this point there is no rotator and it is fixed pointing at VK3.


Stage 2, the new 18 element 144 yagi joins the 432 yagi, still no rotator as the centre pipe needs to be lifted out another 2 metres yet


Okay, here we are, 144 & 432 are rotatable. now all I need to do is add the 9 element M2 50 MHz yagi


Okay, here is the 50 MHz 9 element M2 on the tuning stand and getting some TLC after a few years in storage (too many to admit to)
Next step is to get it up the tower without breaking something :-)