Tower Project MK II

Here where it gets interesting, the tower is taking shape, ever so slowly though - May through Dec 2004

Tower section sitting in its proposed location! Time to bore the holes for the legs of the tower! Go BobCat Go
Holes are bored and time to fence it off from the animals Vista to the South East from where the tower will be.
Wider view, more to the SSE.

New bottom legs, just home from being galvanised Thrust bearing and rotator plates, fresh from Galvaniser
Mock up of the modified top section. Two thrust bearings to take the weight. Peter and the 'helper' fitting a dummy rotator to check the alighment.
Legs are on and tower and standing in the holes Resting after a spell of trying to level the bottom section.
This is how the footing look after some heavy shovel work to dig it out. Form work and reinforcing place, now all we need is concrete!
Cement truck has arrived... I am very nervous Pouring the brew into place.3 cubic metres of 28 MPA concrete.
Time to let it set and hope there are noc cracks Ahhh its still level, Whew!