Tower Project MK II

Here is a running tally of the costs so far... (Dec 04)

Tower costs

18m Southern Cross tower purchase price $500
Transportation home $0 (Glad I had the tandem trailer already)
Fabrication of top middle and lower plates for the top section and Fabrication of the bottom legs $275
Boring of the holes for the footings $175
Galvanising of metal plates and legs $44
Rotator plates (floating mounts) $31
Mast head tubing (6m of 40nb Galvanised tube) $80
Create RC5A-2 rotator $1,500
Reinforcing steel rod for footings. $85
Galvanising of rotator mount plates $16.50
Spirit levels (to check the tower is level!) $90
Reinforcing mesh for footings FREE, thanks Andrew!
Assorted Stainless hardware (at end of 2004) $50
Supply and delivery of the Concrete $637 (3.6 cubic metres of 25 MPA)