The evolution of the shack in the Barossa - Oct 2009

Like most shacks it has a humble start but now I have moved up a notch with a custom built work bench. My welding skills are still pretty rough but good enough to fire up the gasless MIG and cut up some RHS tube

A special thanks to Andrew Young for the loan of the metal cut-off saw, those things are so cool.

At last I have given myself a work area that allows me to turn on more than one bit of test gear at a time! This looks more like it, a Marconi sig gen a half decent CRO and a very nice 2.9GHz HP spectrum analyser (with Tracking gen)
Along with a HP power meter and counter to complete the line up Yep even a TV to watch the motor racing on and check on TVI
Storage is via some nice commercial shelving that gets the important bits up off the floor

The operating area looks like a total rubbish tip as it has had everything piled on it while the work bench was being built!