The evolution of the shack in the Barossa

Like most shacks it has a humble start. I snuck a radio onto the work bench in the shed, then put up some shelves. Then I took over the shelves... what more can I say :-)

Shack update - 2009

The shack as it was in 2003, you can just see the FM92 and PSU on top of the shelves to the left!   Oh that's Dorris the Lamb on the bench, being bottle fed by my partner Dianne, after the lambs mother took sick. As you can see from this picture I have managed to take over that corner of the shed for the SHACK!
Six metres and an early HF rig which was a total basket case


Rear view of the shed near the house that had the first shack in it.


A PC creeps into the old shack for WSJT on VHF


The multi function work bench and shack in the back corner of the shed


In 2006 the fit out of the new shed showed signs of progress. The new shack is over in the far left of the picture (Hint : cream coloured sliding door)


Dividing walls are up and have started lining the walls
Feed lines come in via underground pipes to the base of the tower.
All done to be horse friendly.
First radios to make into the new shack
Tandy Scanner, IC-275H (144) and the IC490A+Amp (432)
A new HF rig is added to the collection and the IC490 replaced with the 475H which had been sidelined with a VCO fault. Yep still that old table.
A bit more sophistication, the PC has moved in and we now have an IC910H for 23cm


2007 --- Lined the remaining walls, carpet on the floor, a new desk and chair, photo's soon