The Property page and photo's - Stables / Shack

After a long wait, we finally get our concrete floor Local concrete guru's (Sherwoods from Turo Traders), thanks guys
The finished product (looking towards the feed area) Looking towards the Shack & Tack area (yes that is two 7/8" heliax cables in the shack)
Eastern end (to be feed and stables)  
Okay the fit out has started, showing the framework for the stables. I was told to build it as if Elephants lived here.. bloody horses :-)

Bricks on the floor are to contain fluids when washing out.

The TACK room takes shape, extra vertical C sections for door and wall supports.
Shack area being used as the dumping ground for tools and supplies. Wide view taken from the NE corner showing the stable frames, tack room door and the shack!


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