The Property page and photo's - Stables / Shack

Start with some earth works to set the mood See it is all taking shape
New pad for the shed and drive through access Okay, can you believe this is a 14 x 7 metre shed!
Yup, there is lots of bits to this puzzle It did not take long to get to the standing up phase
Looking out the "shack end" of the shed, the shack gets a nice sliding door.  Finished, all the doors are hung, vents aligned and ready for the concrete floor to go in.
Using a jack hammer to remove some rock in the trench going to the new shed (for the power and data cables) Conduits are in, marker strips in place, ready to be back filled
Trenching around the tower for earth cables Trenches for earth and coax cables from the tower to the shed.
One long earth cable (150') under the 160m sloper
1st climb of the new tower (before the shed was up) View from the top of the tower... awesome


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