Here are some Di's and my favourite links. Hope you find some of them, helpful!

VKHAM - A great Australian Amateur Radio resource, includes a 4 sale section
VHF Logger - Real time reporting of VHF events and DX
vk4cp's 6mx web site - A good six metre band resource.
YAGI Workshop - G3SEK's YAGI work shop. A must visit site if you like to home build yagi's on VHF & UHF
Aus Horse - Aus Horse web site, Adelaide based info on horses, local + national events, 4 sale section and photos.
M2 antennas - M2 web site. (Yagi's for VHF / UHF+HF) [Shameless Plug, I use on of Mikes 9 element yagi's on 6mx
1.5KW Solid state - A web page all about using a pair of LARGE FET's for HF and 6mx (1.5KW output)
HepBurn Charts - Prediction charts for TROPO propagation in the VK area
VHF DX Group - Australian National VHF Dx group