The Brumby lineage resumes after a 5 year break

Buddy the Brumby (ute)

Well here we go (again) ... our FORTH little tool box, named Buddy

Buddy the Brumby

This brumby is very much a work in progress


1991 Subaru Brumby:

Beige, Speedy Desert RAT's 14" wheels, that came with it, including 205/75/14 tyres and two spare sets of 13's

Alloy Bull bar and Towbar

2 inch lift kit with new after market front struts, recently fitted.

Thermo fans driven by sensor in top radiator hose,

Sony "media" stereo (no cd but has USB input)

Buddies / Fix-ups: (late July 2015)

205-70-14 small-tyres

Buddy has had to sufer the idignity of having his near new tyres stripped off and have them temprarily replaced with a set of orinal 13" rims and tyres.

The resons were two fold, the tyres rubbed the guards in all the wrong places and made it all but impossible to turn corners or indeed backup in anything but
 a straight line, also these tyres made the gearing of the brumby extremely impractical

I could barely reach 110 Kph with the big tyres fitted and it made 1st gear feel like about 3rd..  The 205 /75 /14's will be replaced by some 185/65/14's in the near future, a combination thathas worked well for me on all the earlier bumbies.

here is an idea of how great the difference is in the tyre diameters, on top is a standard
175/70/13 tyre, under it is a 205/75/14 beast.
Front guard clearance is the pits, it scraped on one part of the guard no matter what
you seemed to do. the only safe angle was staright ahead with no bumps!