The new SS ute has arrived ! Finally

Okay, well the UTE has made an appearance and yes its DIRTY already.

We have X series wheels and a ECB 63mm series II nudge bar at the front to compliment the Holden sports bar. Since the photo was taken a pair of Hella Rallye 1000 Spot lights have grown on the bar... Yellow lenses (for fog) are going on the standard lower lights.

If your looking for a great value item, get one of the woven rubber ute mats from a Bluey's Ute World near you. These are great and stop any of the annoying slippin'n'sliding that you get in the back with cargo. Plus if you have dogs they will thank you for the nice soft and non slip surface.. (end of advert)

Okay here is a 'close up' of the nudge bar. The ECB site has a wider view. I think I made the right decision :-) What do you think? email me with your opinion.

Well the exhaust cut n swap has happened. Our friends at D&T in Adelaide had a visit from us. Twin outlet with BIG tips to tease the DOOSH DOOSH brigade.. The brief was to make it LOUD . . as my partner reckons a quiet V8 is not worth having :-)

They succeeded in every way possible. There is no way to mistake this SS ute for any other :-) Oh they shoved in a BMC high flow air filter too.... YUMMY !

A WhiteLine allow strut brace has crept under the bonnet. After seeing the skinny offering from Holden, I went with the brand I know and trust to provide a real strut brace for my ute. 

Part II -- Sept 2003, we have added a set of PACEMAKER 4 -> 1 extractors to the beast. These add a real V8 burble back to the note, which is nicer than the BUZZZZ of the non extractors system.

The HELLA spot lights have found there way onto the front. Still trying to decide where the switch will go on the dash. Now for all you people who have FOG around your area. Get your self a pair of 'LIGHTFORCE' 140 mm yellow lenses and spend an afternoon cutting them down to fit. Mine are not done yet but I am itching to get on with it. 

Okay, I have done the deed and added the YELLOW fog light covers. These will also protect against stone damage to these lights. $22 per yellow lens seems pretty cheap when compared to the cost of replacing the GMH lights.

As far as outside looks go, this is pretty well the conclusion .... The 'internal' changes keep happening :-)

Next on the agenda, LS1 edit.

Ahhh there is no substitute for cubic inches or Kilowatts.... speaking of those we get 346ci (5.7 litres) & the original 235 KW to play with through an 6 speed TREMEC gearbox.

Modifications since delivery:

ECB 63 mm Nudge bar
Pair of Hella Ralley 1000 spotlights
CAT back exhaust upgrade
BMC high flow air cleaner element
WhiteLine Strut Brace
Pair of Individual engine covers.
PaceMaker 4->1 HPC coated Extractors
Interior light cluster from an SV8 (Adds map reading lights)
HSV GTS style MAF pipe
2nd hole modification to the air box
Extend Interior lights to under dash and behind seats (near Jack) to aid wheel changes at night

Thanks to the people at JHP in Melbourne a GTS style MAF pipe has found its way onto the ute to compliment the airbox changes. Quite a few people claim their is better throttle response with the MAF pipe change, mine was part of a bigger change so I am not able to comment on the MAF pipe gains. I am very happy with the product, no extra slots to be cut, neat hole for the AIT sensor and it just all FITS like a bought one :-).

MAF pipe


Well this is my work in progress, ideas come and go, some make it onto the ute, others are filed away for a rainy day.

If you have a Holden Ute I am sure you enjoy yours as much as we do ours.

Peter & Dianne.

VY mobile phone wiring

From memory, the wiring colours on the Holden phone connector are:

Colour      Purpose
Black/Green   -  Negative
Orange/Black   -  Positive
Yellow   -  Switched Positive (Accessory)
Blue   -  Phone Speaker Signal Negative
Blue/Black   -  Phone Speaker Signal Positive
Yellow/Black   -  Phone Mute/Voice-In Input