Retired .... being cared for by a new owner ....

1996 Holden Calais, Supercharged V6

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This is the calais as it is now (2002)

 The colour is Heather Mist. A silvery green. I still think this is the BEST colour ever. It hides any dirt and always looks great in all places.

Never seen another Calais with this colour, a shame really


An Interior that spoils you to death, Leather and cloth.

Leather bound steering wheels and shifter.

Neat and classy


Here is the Calais, not long after I bought him, original wheels and all...

V6 Calais that Honks (49496 bytes)

He is a V6 Superchaged 1996 Calais with a full dual Hi-flow stainless steel exhaust system, PACEMAKER extractors and a GOLD Power Chip in the engine management computer. Tyres are SIMEX 235 / 45 / 17's. It goes like a scalded cat but is still economical ! This is a very comfortable interstate cruiser and does regular trips to Melbourne to visit my family. A trip usually requires only a single tank of juice each direction, making the kilometres fly past as you do not even need to stop for fuel or change the CD as its all taken care of for you. On the occasion that you need to stretch the legs, a top end of over 220 Kph is a breeze. 

For those not familiar with Calais features here are some that come to mind.

Changes made by me

Here is what it looks like under the bonnet
(photo is of a VT not my VS but hey its the same donk)




GMH powerchip
d and t HSV
falken monroe
roh whiteline