A cute but capable addition to the house hold

Barry the Brumby (ute)

Well here we go... our little tool box, name Barry, looks like this :-)

Well he might not actually tow the float too well (even empty its a struggle) but he is good around the property moving hay, tools and firewood. A general all round GOOD BLOKE :-)

Barry is my semi daily transport to and from work to share the Kilometres with the new ute (see picture below). So he does around 120Km each week day, just to work and back.

VY ute

barry n ken

 Barry with Ken the caravan (not really towing it, the jockey wheel is down on the van )

1989 Subaru Brumby:

Red, 230,000 Km.(Mar 2003)    255,000 Km (Nov 2003)    

Targa roof, Speedy Desert RAT's 14" wheels.

Alloy Bull bar with 100w Nava spotlights

Barry enhancements / Fix-ups: