HAM Radio
SCIFI - Movies

I have been a mad keen Amatuer radio operator for as long as I can remember, started young with one of the first electronics KIT's from PHILIPS when I was 9 years old.

So far I ahve had the callsigns VK6ZSP VK8ZLX (VK9ZLX on Lord Howe Island during 1989) VK6ZLX and VK5ZLX and there is no telling when I might get rid of the Z out of the call :-), my friends give me hell about it.

My involvement with computers started with my first programable calculator, a Hewlet Packard HP25 while still at school. Then a friend bought a TRS-80. A move of home to Alice Springs say an involvement in MINI computers  and my first brush with an original and brand new IBM XT complete with dual 5 1/4" floppy drives and a high persisitence green screen monitor ( Brrrrrr!) These days its Linux and Windows NT at home and VMS UNIX and NT at work !

Car's.... well it is a nice feeling to be going FAST but sadly these days it is too risky! It started with LX series Torana's both 6 cylinder and V8 form and is currently being continued in a very nice Holden Calais. You can see my Current drive here.

Well my first SCI-FI movie was an all time classic, 2001 A space Oddessy at a very tender age of 10. So I guess I have been hooked since then. Isac Asmov, Hitch Hikers Guide and the Terry Pratchet are all time favourites.

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